Cosmetic and General Dentistry in Nokomis, FL

Experience comfortable, caring dental services at We Make Smiles. We will create the smile of your dreams with a personalized dental care plan.

Gentle, Reliable Dental Services

We provide comprehensive dental care with your comfort in mind. No matter your dental needs, we will help you maintain a healthy smile and avoid oral discomfort. From cavities to cosmetic concerns, you can trust our expert team.

At We Make Smiles, we make sure that you are always comfortable in our office. Our gentle touch in all dental procedures makes our practice a preferred dental care provider for our patients.

Dental Care for The Entire Family

Your family’s ongoing dental care needs are important. Maintaining healthy teeth through every stage of life not only benefits your appearance, but also your overall wellbeing. Big or small, dental concerns should be addressed promptly and with conscientious care.

Our office is here to provide caring dental implants services for your entire family. We will help you and your loved ones keep up excellent oral health for years to come. You will see and feel the difference that experience makes in your dental care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is a major part of your overall appearance. Cosmetic dental concerns, such as missing teeth, can hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest, but when you feel confident in your smile, you can take pride in your image and stand out in any room.

At We Make Smiles, we provide leading cosmetic dentistry services. With extensive experience and a caring touch, our team is passionate about bringing your most beautiful smile to life. We will restore your dental health and achieve your cosmetic goals with a full range of advanced dental techniques. With our team by your side, you can attain a smile that aligns with your ideal image.

General Dentistry

Ongoing dental care is essential to your long-term health. We develop a personalized dental care program to address each patient with their unique oral health needs. By preventing dental concerns such as bone loss and gum disease, we can restore and preserve your bright, healthy smile. Both now and in the future, a healthy smile will benefit your wellbeing.


Dr. Keith Blessitt is a skilled and experienced prosthodontist at We Make Smiles. Dr. Blessitt creates custom dental prosthetics, including veneers and performs dental implants placement to address common oral concerns. Through expertly made and fitted dental prosthetics, at We Make Smiles we will restore your healthy, beautiful smile.